Style Guide: What to Wear to Festivals this Summer

We’re at the height of summer, with the blazing sun, luscious heat, and the fireflies twinkling. Summer also means music festivals, which are at their peak with great crowds, music, and style. Whether you’ve booked your tickets and are preparing, or are just getting ready for a last-minute run to a music festival, your festival clothes are everything. When you’re swaying to the melody with all your friends, you want to look good while doing it. With Tropic Bliss, you can enjoy tunes, look awesome, and know your supporting fair-trade labor practices.  

Outfit planning for your festival jaunt? This video shows a fun time figuring out looks, and it has pieces you may be familiar with, and some that may push you out of your comfort zone! One hot piece for summer festival season is the halter crop top. These girls were rocking a variety of sexy tops, and our new crochet top release fits the bill. As these girls show, a bikini crochet top is easily paired with a variety of festival ready bottoms. 

green crochet top

New to our tops collection, the handmade crochet top is both sexy and boho, with an intricate cotton knit and available in a variety of fun colors to pair with any look. The bikini crochet top plays on a 70s style design, which means it works great with your high wasted festival clothes or worn as a hippie top with some flared leg palazzo pants. Fair trade as always, the top is sturdy and well fitted with a halter neck and double tie strings in the back.

Fortunately, styling this bohemian top is easy, as well. The multitude of colors works well with a variety of bottoms. Tropic Bliss Palazzo pants give a great festival look, as do high waisted denim shorts, a lace maxi skirt, or a gauzy midi skirt. If you want to add a little extra sparkle to your styling, check out our friends bio-degradable glitter thesparkleffect. Finish it off with some wrapped leather sandals or chunky boots, and a worn leather bag. The effortless vibe and ease of pairing this sexy top will transform it into one of your wardrobe staples. Not convinced? Check out this video of great crochet top stylings.

Tempted to upgrade your festival clothes game? Good! You can get your own Tropic Bliss bikini crochet crop top, and for a limited time, you can use the code Crochet15 on to snag your own summery essential before your next festival. While you’re there, there’s a variety of other festival clothes to embrace that boho, hippe vibe.

bikini crochet top

Once you have your wardrobe together, it’s time to start planning some festivals. If you haven’t already booked your tickets, here’s some of the best festivals this summer worth checking out.

While some have already happened, other great events are coming up. If you want something bigger, Lollapalooza is just around the corner, as is the highly anticipated Woodstock 50. If this scene isn’t for you, even your local town’s music festival is a great spot to rock your festival wardrobe :). 


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