Six Eco-Friendly Swimsuit Brands You Should Be Shopping

As Spring showers turn into fun in the Summer sun, the last thing most women want to think about is swimsuit season. Swimsuit shopping can be time consuming and downright painful but we’re here to be your beacon of hope this bikini season. We’ve made a list of six beach-worthy swimsuit brands that offer style and sustainability. These ethical and eco conscious companies are sure to help you make a splash this summer.

Azura Bay​ is a Canadian based company that offers a curated collection of swimwear and accessories. Most of which are designed by women, for women. The brand is committed to choosing green practices as much as possible. When you make a purchase, the company will donate a portion of the proceeds from your order to one of three charitable organizations of your choice.

giejo​ is an American Made swimwear collection that is not just for the beach. The NYC based line utilizes vintage and reclaimed textiles in their limited-edition designs. All materials are locally sourced in New York City’s Garment District and produced in a Sweatshop Free environment in New Jersey.

VAUTE​ is a Brooklyn-based vegan swimwear line offering bikinis, one-pieces, bodysuits, cover-ups and hats. All products are made from recycled carpet fibers and sustainably cut and ethically sewn in a sweatshop free environment in NYC. The company continues to develop innovative textiles and apparel so that one day the world will look at wearing animals as a thing of the past.

Vitamin A Swimwear​ is a travel and art inspired line based in California. The brand is leading the way with EcoLuxTM, a superfine matte jersey swim fabric produced locally in California, using recycled nylon fiber to conserve resources and LYCRA XTRA LIFE® fiber to extend the life of each swimsuit far beyond that of traditional spandex products. When possible, their prints are created with waterless digital technology at factories specially chosen for their innovative approaches to conserving electricity and water.

BIKYNI​ is a swimwear line ​made in LA from the best Italian fabric. The brand ​believes you don't need a better body, you need a better bikini. They’ve modernized classics to create mix and match pieces that are timeless. One of their best selling styles is the racerback one-piece.

Beth Richards​ is a swimwear line that uses Italian fabric engineered for athletes boasting superior stretch and durability as well as 50+ UVB Protection. Every garment is ethically made in Canada with ethical and first world wages for employees.

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