Let's Eat! Thanksgiving Friendly Outfit Ideas

Thanksgiving Dinner is just around the corner, and all the food lovers know how great it is to sit down with family and indulge on classics. Turkey, stuffing, pie, tofurkey, potatoes, and more, you most likely will be eating a lot and feeling it! Post-Thanksgiving bloat is almost inevitable, but it doesn’t have to put a damper on your style. When gathering around with people you haven’t seen in a while, you want to look cute, but also be comfortable to compensate for how full you’ll feel. Here are some stylish fall outfits designed with a feast in mind so you can look cute, feel comfortable, and eat to your heart’s content!

Palazzo Pants

Avoid the embarrassing unbuttoning of pants when wearing jeans by swapping them out for something more forgiving. Fortunately for you, our palazzo pants have an elastic waist band so you can eat all you want! Go for a colorful pair in a rustic fall tone like green, red, or yellow, and pair with a variety of tops. One chic way to look classic at the dinner table is to wear a fitted turtleneck sweater tucked into the pants. You can go monochromatic, or switch it up with a similar warm tone like cream or brown. Pair with some heels, and no one will know the secret to your pants selection!

red palazzo pants

Flowing Tunic

Another sneaky way to compensate for lots of food is a flowing tunic! The flowy fabric will allow for any food baby to grow and not be seen, and when paired with leggings, is super comfortable for curling up and watching holiday movies or football after dinner. You can even take a post-dinner nap in this because of how breathable and soft these tops tend to be! Pair with some riding boots, maybe a pair of cozy socks, and a scarf or long necklace depending on the level of formality to your dinner.


red tunic

Dress and Tights

If your thanksgiving meal is a bit more formal, you may want to wear a dress that isn’t curve hugging and pair it with some sweater tights. Sweater tights are a lot softer, as well as structured, so you will feel better and more contained. The tights should keep you a lot warmer if you are in a colder environment, but if you are fortunate for some heat, wear a looser sweater dress and some thigh high boots! You won’t have the tights to hold everything in, but those loose dress will be enough.


sweater dress


One final way to cover up any food baby is to rock a pair of overalls. Overalls and jumpsuits are some of fall’s biggest trends, and an overall dress or jumpsuit is meant to be looser and layered. Wear a flared sleeve shirt underneath and pair with some boots and jewelry for a sophisticated look that is chic. No one will know you dressed with eating in mind!


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