Halloween for the Conscious Consumer

Halloween is at the end of October, and the Halloween preparations are filled with excitement, spookiness, and the occasional treat. While you’re preparing your costume, decorating, and filling the bowl with candy for trick or treaters, there are ways you can still keep ethics, fair trade, and the environment in mind. You don’t have to sacrifice fun, taste, or beautiful costumes; here are some simple suggestions to make your Halloween fun, and fair for everyone!


While the glittery costumes you see at the store are eye catching, often times they are made in unhealthy working conditions, or contains plastics and sequins that are not biodegradable. Fortunately, you can make a recycled costume by visiting a thrift store, which ends up creating a look that is affordable, recycles clothing, and uniquely yours!

All black clothes can create a simply black cat look, but since thrift stores tend to have funky clothing, you can do some unique things! Buy a wedding dress and go as a zombie bride, pick out some funky bell bottoms and prints to be a hippie, or grab some grungy items to be a punk rock star. You can also go for a sock hop look with 50s/60s inspired clothing, a preppy school look, or even as a scarecrow with the right pair of jeans and tee shirt! The options are endless with creativity.

 Inspiration for Halloween


Makeup can really amp up a costume to the next level, and Halloween is the time to branch out into the world of face paint, fake blood, and glitter. Rather than putting chemicals or non-biodegradable products on your face, shop for some eco-friendly makeup. One amazing brand is Eco Stardust, with affordable, biodegradable glitters with a mesmerizing Halloween section! They have an eco-balm that you can mix the glitter into, adhering it to your skin while also nourishing it.

eco-friendly makeup


Fair trade candy is a new movement in the scientific and eco communities that sends the message that chocolate should be ethically sourced. Fair trade candy prevents the usage of palm oil that displaces orangutans, and also the usage of unethically sourced cocoa through slave labor and other unethical working conditions. Ethically sourced candy is sometimes more expensive, but there are some delicious options like TCHO Mini Bars, Askinosie Chocolate Mini Bars, and Equal Exchange Chocolate Minis. 

If you aren’t looking at artisan chocolates, go to some of your favorite candy companies and see their mission on sourcing and pick what feels right to you.

photo from @tchochocolate Instagram


Pumpkins are a fun way to decorate for Halloween, but often times they can go to waste after the holiday. One way to make sure you get the most out of your pumpkins is to repurpose them! Rather than trash pumpkins after the season, put them in a compost pile or give them to animals to eat, like deer and squirrels. Also, if you’re carving a jack-o-lantern, try roasting the seeds you scoop out for a healthy snack! Real pumpkins are better than synthetic because they are biodegradable and don’t use plastic or promote potentially harmful factory conditions.




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