Festival Wear 2019

Music festival season is creeping upon us, meaning soon you will be planning which concerts to go to, as well as what incredible outfits to wear! When spending a hot day listening to artful tunes and enjoying life, you want to look great, while also feeling comfortable. Think of capturing that perfect Instagram shot, but staying cool and pulled together in the process! Don’t forget to leave room in your clothes for dancing! Space in your bag may be limited, so here are some must haves and ways to style them so you can get full life out of your festival wear. Use the rest of your space to pack your unique jewelry pieces to mix, match, and layer and top each outfit off in a way that is distinctly you.


The corset tank look gives you structure and body to your look, pulling you, and the look together into something sleek and a bit edgy. Under the intense sun, you may not want to be strapped in with something restrictive, and boning is definitely not your friend, so give the new Tropic Bliss Corset Top in breathable rayon that laces up in the back a try. Simple yet interesting with the laced up back and ruched front, this piece styles beautifully with a pair of patterned palazzo pants, a wide brimmed hat, and some circular sunglasses. Add wedges for that bohemian, effortless vibe that is still comfortable.

festival outfit

Distressed Denim

Denim is a go-to for any festival, in jacket or short form. Regardless of what style you go for, distressed is key. Imagine the softest, most worn in denim piece that feel great on the skin, these are perhaps the thrifted pieces with stories behind them. If it is a bit cooler, or you want to cover up from the sun, a vintage denim jacket is a great accessory. Or, pair any cropped or flowing top with a pair of high waisted, denim shorts with rips, studs and any other distressing personality features you vibe with.


Sheer Lace and Bralettes

Layering is a yearlong trend, and layering for festivals is a great way to add some dynamic and textural interest to your outfit. When layering, do it with sheer fabrics so it is still lightweight and comfortable. One outfit idea is to take a sheer mesh or lace piece, either top or dress, and layer it over an elegant bralette or camisole. Maybe add some color underneath, then finalize with a belt.


The Maxi

Maxi skirts and dresses are airy and cool, yet keep you covered from the intense sun rays. These piece come in a variety of colors and prints, so finding an animal print or unique bohemian floral pattern should be an easy task. Pair this bold skirt, or dress, with an edgy graphic tee, representing your favorite band saying, or image. With a hat and some distressed boots, you will be effortless, yet still a bit more covered for the perfect festival look for the Coachella Valley, or your local folk festival.



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