Colorful Prints and Patterns for Spring 2018

With the clocks set back, the sun lasting longer, and the temperatures rising, you can feel spring coming. The birds are singing and the flowers are blooming, so naturally, you want to embody that color and light in your wardrobe styling. In addition to brightening up your color scheme, there are. Few ways to add a breath of fresh spring air into your wardrobe. One great way to do that is by adding colorful prints into your wardrobe. Patterns are a great way to spice up the look and tie in a variety of colors for a look as vivid as the flower garden. Here are some of our favorite prints and ways to style them.

Polka Dots

Polka dots are such a fun print because they come in such a variety. You can range from massive dots to tons of tiny ones, and they can all be one color or a multitude of colors, depending on the piece. One fun way to style dots for spring is to pair a colorful top with dots with a pair of white pants. This gives you a lot of freedom to put different colors together, since white pants are a pivotal part of Spring. They can be flowing or skinny, depending on the silhouette you feel best in.


Stripes are another great print to embrace the Spring spirit. By pairing stripes with a solid items, you can create outfits that have a ton of color yet match perfectly. By pairing a striped tee under a cargo jacket with a scarf and rolled jeans, you can be casually cool and chic but still colorful. You can also adjust the temperature accordingly by taking off the jacket or the scarf.


Florals are the most iconic print for Spring and we know why. They reflect the blooming gardens and the buzzing bees and invigorating scents. Florals come in a variety of color schemes and textures, showing big flowers like hydrangeas or even tiny daisies. Floral tees tucked into a simply skirt is effortless and bright, just like a wildflower patch. If you’d like a larger floral pop, go for a long floral skirt and wear some denim on top. Floral and denim are a great textural and color combination.


Little squares are a great reminder of picnic blankets and all the fun activities that go with them in the Spring. One easy outfit is to pair a gingham bottom with a graphic tee and blazer, and this looks vivid and chic. Another way to go even bolder with the color and print is to pair two pieces together. Rather than a matching set, go for something unexpected. Pair two different colors and sizes of gingham together. Make sure the colors are complementary and that the check size is different so the outfit doesn’t clash. Pair  a cute hat and a tote bag with the look for the ultimate springtime sunshine look.

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