5 Fair Trade Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

Tis the season for shopping, gifting, and giving. The holiday shopping season is in full force, and when you’re looking for the perfect gift to show someone you care, consider giving a gift that extends that kindness on to others. Fair trade gifts are more sustainable, are produced under fair working conditions, and have a personal touch you may not find from mass marketed products. Here are five gift ideas this season that fit all budgets and are fair trade, ethical, and must haves.

1. Zodiac Gift Sets from Prosperity Candle

Prosperity Candle is a small business that crafts high quality, modern, and personal candles that give back to women refugees in the United States. Their astrology collection has different scents for each sign, and are incredibly special to gift to someone, showing that extra level of thought by giving a personalized gift for their sign.

Zodiac candle gift set by Prosperity Candle

2. Mountainside Chess Set from Ten Thousand Villages

Chess is an intergenerational game, great for young thinkers, parents, grandparents, and everyone in between. Games are a great gift in general, and this set is special because it is meant to last generations. Hand crafted in Pakistan to support village workers, this is carved from coral and zebra stones and comes in a sturdy case for safe keeping.

chess set

3. Ames and Oats Coffee Lover Gift Box

Gift boxes often contain a collection of already curated goods, packaged up nicely, so you can just give a luxurious gift without much thought. This is great if you find yourself in a rush, because you can still select a box that speaks to the person you have in mind. The treats include fair trade artisan coffee made in the USA, as well as a variety of mugs and snacks. The website has a variety of other food related gift boxes including tea, candy, and chocolate. These also make great corporate gifts.
coffee lover's gift set

4. Hand Woven Blanket available at Accompany

Blankets are a very useful, and warming, item to gift, but giving a special hand-woven blanket will assure the treasure is cherished for a long time. Accompany US sells beautiful handwoven blankets from South Africa that are high quality, and money is returned to help with educational costs. Many have spiritual and cultural emblems on them as well, and the beautiful materials are hand dyed and vivid. Each blanket has significance to the communities which crafted them, and most are one of a kind in weave and dye.

hand woven blanket

5. Hand Bound Journal by Matr Boomie

As a stocking stuffer, a handmade journal accompanied with a pen is a great way to allow people to reflect on their year, the upcoming year, and the holidays. Made with high quality paper that is recycled, this notebook was made by rural artisans in India. Matr Boomie is a fair trade company that creates positive change in the developing world and produces beautiful, hand-crafted products. This journal is a lovely gift for someone in your life who is inspired by artistic empowerment. 

hand bound journal

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