5 Do’s and Don’ts for Fall Fashion 2019

As those warm summer days turn to breezy fall nights, it’s time to break out those favorite fall pieces, and maybe even upgrade your wardrobe with a new scarf or boots to pair with effortless outfits. When getting ready for Fall 2019 and styling those looks, here’s a few fashion do’s and don’ts to keep you perfectly styled!

gauchos with boots

DO Pair your Gauchos with Boots

Fall boots are delightful, and they easily go with any outfit to keep your feet toasty and add that rustic and harvest-ready look. Boots are the perfect footwear to pair with your gaucho pants for a unique and stylish look. Trade in your favorite sandals for a pair of leather ankle boots, then rock those gauchos through the seasons. Transition style is your best friend for this. Add on a tee shirt for warmer days, or a chunky knit when it cools down.

DON’T Fill Your Wardrobe With New Pieces

While it can be so tempting to buy a whole slew of new pieces, we have faith that your fashion creativity can live minimally and make use of what you have! This doesn’t mean skipping the stores all together, but less is more, and by reducing what we buy during season changes, we also reduce our environmental footprint.

DO Embrace Sustainability

There are so many sustainable fashion brands just waiting to be discovered. One example is Ayni, a sustainable knitwear company that creates artful pieces with high quality materials, handicraft techniques, and fair labor. This is a great way to find a new fall piece that can be effortlessly styled, and it’s one that will last and supports a sustainable fashion legacy. Check out their newest collection, embracing the elements.

sustainable brands


DON’T Put Away Those Palazzo Pants

Instead of putting your palazzo pants in the drawer for warmer days, bring the boho style to school or the office! The darker, neutral colors can look great with heels and a fitted top, and some of the lighter colors pop with a dark blazer. You know Tropic Bliss loves a good print, and we have some great, fall toned prints as well as new organic cottons like the one you see below that you can match up with a scarf or cardigan for a fall look straight out of a magazine.

palazzo pants in gray

DO Remember to Layer

Fall fashion isn’t about reinventing the wheel, it’s about polishing it! Layered looks are the best way to get some mileage out of your wardrobe. Just like the palazzo pants and gauchos don’t have to go away, your tank tops and crop tops still can stay front and center. Dress smarter, not harder! A sheet knit sweater over a contrasting crop top adds texture and interest to a look, and a tank top is an easy fix with an ethical leather jacket or fuzzy coat. Worried about your skirts and shorts? Some thick knit tights will keep your legs warm, and the shorts and tight combo is the perfect edgy style!

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